Half Term & Science Building Update

The temporary accommodation is now being put into place. The work remains on schedule and we expect the academy to be open again to all students as normal at 8.35am on Tuesday 22nd April. However, we have to remain aware of extreme circtmstances affecting a construction of this nature. If this causes any delay then information will be sent out as soon as possible.


For an update on the current situation on the Science building please see here.

Home Learning for Year 7 and Year 8

Due to the closure of the academy for Year 7 and 8s during the first week of April, work has been set to support students’ learning, to view this home learning please see here.


For further information about doddle please see our home learning page.

School Motto Cheque Presentation

Jack Taylor Motto Winner PresentationIn the last academic year we finally decided on a new School Motto having asked all our students to help us create one. The Academy did not previously have a school motto and we felt it was useful to have one. 

We first consulted with our students during Guidance activities. First the students identified core values which were important to them, coming up with values such as; respect, honesty, friendship, teamwork, achievement and ambition. 

Having identified these core values, students were then asked to enter a competition to create a motto which reflects the values they had come up with. Our Governors and Leadership Team then selected the winner from a range of entries.


The selected winner was Jack Taylor of Year 11 with his motto ‘Be inspired and achieve together.’


The motto was launched this academic year and is on the front of all the Pupil Planners as well as featuring on various school resources.

On Friday 28th March Principal Robin Fugill presented Jack with the winning prize of a cheque for £100!

Child of Courage Nomination

Child of Courage Nomination

One of our sixth form students, Laura Alvey has been nominated for a child of courage award with the Nottingham Post Heroes Awards.

In 2008 Laura was diagnosed with scoliosis, an abnormal curvature to the spine. In 2009 she had a spinal fusion where titanium rods and screws were put into her back and yet despite this Laura still stays active as much as she can. In school Laura has completed her bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh award and is very close to completing the gold award.

In 2012 Laura entered the Great Nottingham Bike Ride where she raised £750 for the scoliosis association UK and research foundation. Later that year she had a second operation on her back to try and help relieve some of her pain.

Laura loves to get involved with the community and spends a lot of her time volunteering with different groups. She has spent three years volunteering for St. John ambulance as a corporal leader teaching first aid to young people. She is also a young leader for a disabled girls guide group.

Laura has recently been diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome and has to wear wrist supports when she writes and also has physiotherapy daily for her joints this includes the process of taping her knees into the right place. The condition causes her quite a bit of pain throughout her entire body and yet this has still not stopped Laura in helping out with the National Citizen Service - A programme designed to help 16-17 year olds take part in social action projects and build skills for work and life. Laura has herself took part in the programme and now enjoys being a mentor for the NCS helping others from different backgrounds build confidence, self-awareness and responsibility.

To see her nomination in the Nottingham Post see here.

Gedling Youth Council Elections

Youth ElectionsOn Thursday 27th March the students of Arnold Hill Academy were invited to vote which students they would like to represent our Academy on the new Gedling Youth Council.


Youth Elections6th Form A Level Politics students acted as Polling Clerks for the election.  After training at the Gedling Borough Council offices at Arnot Civic Centre our 6th Formers set up Polling Stations in both Upper School and Lower School Halls so that students could vote throughout lunchtime.


There was a fantastic response from our students with queues forming quickly and pupils keen to ensure their vote was cast.  A total of 332 votes were counted and the following students were successfully voted in as Youth Councillors:

Youth Elections

George Sullivan – 9B1

Florence Orchard – 8B2

Myles Kirk – 7W2


These students will now serve on the new Gedling Youth Council and will work with the wider Gedling Borough Council to ensure the voice of young people is heard when planning for future events and improvements in the Gedling community.

Art Club Mural Project

Art Mural designed by the Art club

The Key Stage 3 Art club meet every Tuesday after school with Miss Roberts and Miss Crowther in E14.

The Art club have worked on projects making collages, snow globes, paper sculptures, watercolour flower paintings, large scale Jackson Pollock paintings, still life and portraiture. Anyone in year 7, 8 and 9 is welcome to attend. The club provides an opportunity for pupils to have fun trying out different techniques.


Art Mural designed by the Art Club

Mr Watkins, Director of Music gave Art club the challenge of designing and creating two murals for two different music classrooms. The two walls hold guitars and ukuleles. Mr Watkins wanted to make sure that when these instruments

were removed during lessons the wall would still look good and not bare.

The project began with a competition, each member of Art club created their own designs for the walls. The winners of the competition were by Ellie Hardie, year 9 and Eve Callingham,

Year 9. Eve’s design has been used for E23 and Ellie’s covers the wall in E21. Pupils drew the designs onto the walls themselves and mixed a lot of their own colours according to the initial designs.  

To get the paint on the walls, each week we had a different student be ‘team leader’ to manage the project, all of the club showed a great deal of maturity in the way that they worked together.

Art Mural for Music Room

It was great to see pupils working in teams with others that they didn’t know from different year groups and helping each other to achieve.


Take a look at the photos throughout this article to see their work or next time that you walk past the windows of a music room, look out for the bright and colourful efforts of the Art club pupils.


We have some incredibly talented artists studying at key stage 3 and we are glad that the mural project has enabled them to showcase their ability.

Rolls Royce Derby Visit

Rolls Royce Derby TripOn Friday the 21st of March a group of thirty year 9 students went to Rolls Royce Derby to learn about how Jet engines work, what the main components of the engines are, how they function and the role that they play in producing and maintaining engines.


During the morning session the students were taken around the workshop by the workshop manager who trains the engineers on the number of different jet engines Rolls Royce supply.

The students asked questions throughout the tour and were complimented several times about the quality of the questions being asked.


After lunch the students were placed into teams and given a challenge based around what they had learnt in the morning session. They were asked to build a plane that fitted a certain criteria, within a set budget that they were going to fly at the end of the session. The students displayed real initiative when designing their planes, with the winning group freeing up some of their budget by opting not to pay for scissors and using the compass they had in one of the groups pencil case instead. All groups managed to construct a plane, that flew and that was within their budget plan.


To finish with the team at Rolls Royce gave the students a quiz about everything that they had seen throughout the day and then a talk on the benefits of working for Rolls Royce and the requirements to get onto the various courses that they offer.  


It was a very successful trip, in which the students represented the academy immaculately.

Shakespeare Drama Performance

Shakespeare Performance

On Friday 21st March the year 13 Drama students went to Stratford to see Shakespeare's Henry IV (part 1) as part of their studies for their examination in June. The day consisted of a tour around both theatres (the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Swan Theatre), a workshop at the RSC's rehearsal studios and a directors talk where the students heard from Artistic Director Gregory Doran. He told them of his personal  vision when directing this version of Henry IV part 1. Fascinating and above all useful for the student's exam!


Shakespeare Costumes

The performance itself was fantastic. No-one could quite work out the costumes that seemed to transcend eras jumping from WW1 to traditional Elizabethan cloaks and swords back to leather jackets and coats with elbow patches. all very curious... The set was simple but very effective. Huge Catholic iconography in the form of stained glass windows instantly turned into a tavern with chunky furniture and wooden chairs and tankards of ale. Inspirational and enough to make our resident stage manager Ms Box salivate with jealousy! 


Jayne Stead Head of Arts attended the performance and said “The longest but most enjoyable day in the Drama department’s diary over for another year but well worth every minute. The RSC is the best way to get to know Shakespeare and every year I am amazed at how students who still struggle with the Bard and his language come away saying 'Oh I see - it all makes sense now!'” 

Portugal Trip

Fourteen Year 12 Geographers had a fantastic time in Portugal with Miss Berridge and Mr Fugill.

Portugal Trip

Students successfully collected all their unit 2 fieldwork data for their AS examination this summer. The high March temperatures and blue skies made the trip particularly enjoyable. The jam packed itinerary allowed students to try local cuisine in Lisbon, go to the oceanarium, play rounders, take ‘selfies’, write essays and see the sights of the beautiful national park in the Setubal Bay. The students were a credit to the academy! 

London Art Trip

London Arts TripForty year 7 and 8 Students took a 2 day trip to our capital city. Whilst there they enjoyed exploring London on a coach tour, lunched at the palace, met the stars at Madame Tussauds and saw the outstanding musical 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory'.


Students and staff had a fantastic time and the students represented our academy brilliantly.


Look out for details about next year's trip!


Sport Relief

Sport Relief

On Friday 14th March we kicked off with the first of our Sport Relief 2014 events, the Staff vs Students basketball match, which was reported in the Nottingham Evening Post, Staff-students-charity-basketball-game. It was a great start to our fundraising events.


Badminton Challenge

On Wednesday 19th March our second event took place where students and staff had the opportunity to ‘Beat the teacher’ this involved challenging staff to various challenges.

The badminton challenge proved extremely popular with students. Miss Keates, Head of the PE department and Mr Endy, one of our Science teachers had to double up to take on the challenges set by our students.

Andrew Lau was one of the first to challenge Miss Keates and Mr Endy “I chose the badminton challenge because it is one of my favourite sports and I was excited to take on the challenge to ‘beat the teacher”


Press Up Challenge

Dan Callingham and Louie Truswell from Year 7 next challenged Miss Keates and Mr Endy but with a bit of luck on their side the teachers remained unbeaten. The same could not be said for Mr Mitchell who was put on the spot and challenged to save the students penalties.


Climbing Wall Challenge

Other games involved challenging Mr Crawley with his Press up challenge to see who could complete the most in 30 seconds, Mr Burton was challenged on the Climbing wall, Mr Quail at the Illinois Agility Test and Miss Stirland at wall ball throw.


On Friday 21st March both students and staff walked or ran the Sport Relief mile on upper school field. Some of our students raised money by running the mile in fancy dress, While some of our sixth form students ran the mile as a three legged race.

It was great to see so many of our students taking part, having fun and making donations for such a great cause.


Over the next few weeks we are holding Inter-form games in PE. Students will be able to wear their own PE kit by making a donation and they are also getting sponsorship for points scored/team wins.


We were one of the biggest fundraisers in Nottinghamshire in 2012. We hope to be as successful in our fundraising efforts as in previous years.

Musical evening

Musical EveningThis year’s Musical Evening took place on the 18th March and was introduced with a rousing start from the well organised, powerful Samba Group. This set the tone for the evening as a competent display of technical ability and flair was mirrored in the many acts that followed.  There were pieces from every diverse corner of music, from a violin duet, to a solo guitarist singer singing Green Day. The Stage Band performed a fun and vibrant medley of Disney hits – there really was something for everyone.

It was particularly impressive to see such diversity mirrored in the pupils performances. Year 7 and 8 pupils were just as eager to perform as the more veteran Year 12 and 13 A-level Musicians, and their competence and musicianship was evident at every level.

Musical EveningThe show ended with an able performance from the Year 13 Btec group singing their own renditions of two rock hits in a glorious three-part harmony.  Feedback from the packed hall was extremely positive, parents were taken aback by the impressive nature and maturity of the performances and many thanked the Music department and the instrumental teachers for their level of hard work and commitment which enabled the acts to grow to such a level.


Principal Mr Fugill said that “Our students showed lots of enthusiasm, it’s great to see young musicians from beginners to advance level, playing a range of styles. All performers played musically and accurately. It was a real delight to hear them play.”


Musical EveningPupils visibly enjoyed seeing all of the other acts perform and it has prompted them to take their music to a higher level with a renewed vigour.


Rachel Lowson from Year 12 said “It is really nice to see all our hard work has paid off.”


The Music department would like to congratulate Rosie Storer for securing a place at Clarendon studying Music in Higher Education and Ailbhe Warde-Brown for successfully getting a place studying Music at both Leeds and Royal Holloway universities at degree level - and for still managing to get back to perform!


Thank you to all the instrumental tutors we have at Arnold Hill for their continued efforts and hard work nurturing the talents of our musicians and well done to all the students who took part for putting on such a fantastic show.


Click here 

Year 10 Mock Exams

To view the Year 10 Mock Examination Timetable please see here.

Jamal Represents Jamaica

Jamal McKenzieAn ex-student of Arnold Hill Academy, Jamal McKenzie has been selected to represent Jamaica in the Commonwealth Games Championship in June.


Jamal was born and raised in Nottingham and still lives here. His eligibility to play for Jamaica comes as all four of his grandparents were born in Jamaica. He is extremely pleased to have been called up. Jamal currently plays Rugby Union for

Nottingham Rugby Academy but has crossed codes to play Rugby League for Jamaica.


Jamal left the Academy in July 2013 and it is lovely to see him pursuing his love for sport.


Jamal’s first ever Rugby game was played at Arnold Hill Academy in a P.E lesson.


He tells us he still remembers his very first try. “I ran from one end of the field to the other, crossed the try line and threw the ball down NFL style – It’s a mistake I haven’t made since.”


He said he was at first ‘shocked’ to have been called up but is now looking forward to representing Jamaica. “I’m looking forward to hopefully getting across the white wash and scoring against Australia“.


When Jamal was asked if he had any words for any young budding rugby players he said “Keep fighting, As Mr. Burton said to me a year ago, your time will come.”


It is truly inspiring to see one of our students being so successful in sport.We wish Jamal the best of luck for the Commonwealth Games in June.

Poetry Showcase

Bigger IdeasThe creative writing group, now known as Bigger Ideas, is presenting a poetry showcase in Lower School Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 1st May. Admission is free and the children will be presenting and performing some amazing poetry that we have been working on in co-operation with Mouthy Poets from Nottingham Playhouse. All are welcome to attend and here what they can do.

Current Vacancies

We curently have support staff and teaching staff vacancies available.

Please see here to see our latest vacancies.

Arnold Hill Events

Parent Portal

As you know, the old ePortal service is now unavailable. We wrote to parents at the start of this term with information on our new Progresso Parent Portal. Once parents have returned completed data collection sheets, access details and an introductory user guide for the Parent Portal will be sent out. Forms will be processed as quickly as possible but we would ask for your patience as we complete this work. If you have any queries, please email progresso@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk

Nottinghamshire Road Safety Survey

Road Safety Survey Winner

In February and March, Nottingham City Council on behalf of the Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership conducted an online survey designed to discover the behaviours and attitudes displayed by young people in cars. The purpose of this survey was to highlight the need for intervention and to inform the content of future road safety projects.


Students from 11 schools across the city and county responded to the survey. All students who completed the survey were put into a prize draw.


On the 19th March 2014 Neil Snow the senior road safety officer from Nottingham City Council came into the academy to present the winning prize to Victoria Smith of Year 13. Her very own iPad air worth £400! Congratulations Victoria.

G.P. Taylor Author Visit

G. P. Taylor VisitOn Tuesday the author G. P. Taylor, one of the UK’s leading children’s authors and inspirational speakers visited the academy.

G. P. Taylor is the author of several best-selling novels, including Wormwood, Tersias and Shadowmancer - soon to be a Hollywood film.

In the morning Graham delivered assemblies to our Year 7 & Year 9 students where he talked about how he became a writer even though he couldn’t read until the age of 14! The lights were then turned down low and Graham enthralled his audience with a true ghost story.  

In the afternoon students from across the year groups took part in creative writing workshops with Graham. The students selected to attend the workshops were winners of a competition where they had to write a persuasive letter to the author to tell him why they would benefit from his expertise.

Dance Academy

Dance Academy

Arnold Hill's Dance Academy were selected to perform at Nottinghamshire's county showcase.

The event was of an exceptionally high quality and all the performers behaved very professionally. We performed a contemporary piece incorporating sound and visual projection. The girls performance was fantastic - well done!

Active Kids

Active Kids

We are collecting Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers. Postal boxes for the vouchers are located at Lower School Reception and student reception at Upper School. Please help us reach our target.

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