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AHA Sports Day Report

On the 19th of July, Arnold Hill Academy had their sports day. Many students from Year 7 to Year 12 participated and greatly enjoyed it. Much of the staff did help lighten up the mood by attempting the events along with their students. Staff competed against each other to try to earn points for their tutor teams. Students were placed into teams depending on their tutors.

Some students were picked out to be interviewed. Isaac Yusuf said “I really enjoyed it and was excited throughout the day!” Another student, Kush Patel, quoted “Today was amazing, each event was fun and everyone was still energetic even though they were not doing the event”. Phelix Fountain and Mckai Wallace Pearson stated “We all thought the day went really well, everyone was enthusiastic and happy to be having a day dedicated to sports and not just writing”. I did partake in the day. I thought the day was really well structured and each event had its own excitement however, I did think the most intense part of the day was the relay. Jay reported “Though the start was quite cold, it started to brighten up which made the day more summer like and even more fun.”

Mr Newson, who is a PE teacher, organised everything in sports day. From a quiz that would earn points for their team to the events, he did an amazing job and everything went smoothly on the day. Miss Hays, a PE teacher, prepared a dance which her students performed during the day when everyone was gathered. The PE staff team did really well to prepare everyone even staff for the day, and was able to include everyone. Clearly a lot of preparation and effort was put into this event to make it enjoyable for students.

Tobias Tien
Year 8