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Literary Festival 2016

Inspirational Words from Bali Rai

As part of the Literary Festival we were lucky enough to be visited by the author Bali Rai. Bali writes stories inspired by his working class Punjabi/Sikh background, but his aim was always that his writing should be enjoyed by readers everywhere, irrespective of class or culture. His latest young adult novel, Web of Darkness, has won four regional books awards. Bali delivered two workshops to our year 9 & 10 students where he talked about the importance of reading & the power that gives you. His message was clear: the more you read, the more articulate you are and the better your job prospects. He has certainly inspired our students to read more & the question & answer session certainly provided some humorous moments courtesy of some of our year 10 students!

Bali Rai

Character Creativity from Year 6 and Year 7

Tuesday 12th July saw the continuation of the wonderful TAG Literary Festival and the arrival of Toni Owen Blue at Arnold Hill.
This session was very interactive and featured a range of activities which children from Ernehale Junior School immersed themselves in, along with the support of a very engaged and supportive group of Year 7 students. Reflecting on the session, Connor Miller, Year 7, remarked, “I thought that it was a great chance to bond with Year 6.” Jacob Devlin, Year 6, added, “I think that it was a very interesting lesson because I learnt something new.”

Mr Smith, Head of KS3 English at the Academy said, “Toni’s session was very engaging and the students had fantastic opportunities to discuss the importance of reading and also had the chance to design their own characters as part of a ‘what’s in the bag’ and ‘who does the bag belong to?’ activity. The Year 6 children thoroughly enjoyed working on their characters and our Year 7 students were fantastic ambassadors for their year group and the Academy. It was wonderful to see!”


The session was organised by Miss Cassidy and Mr Smith as part of the Literary Festival and provided the Year 6 children with a fantastic opportunity to work within our wonderful library! 

A Thrilling Literary Experience!

As part of the Trent Academies Group’s annual Literature Festival, Paula Rawsthorne visited Arnold Hill to deliver an exciting, gripping and inspiring workshop to Year 8.
The session was organised by Debs Cassidy, the academy’s librarian, and was held in the Library at Arnold Hill on Monday 11th July, the first of five days of a packed programme of events designed to celebrate literature. The session invited students to consider their life experiences and plans, as well as providing them with the chance to engage with Paula about her latest book ‘Blood Tracks’. Students were well-engaged with the session and it provided them with invaluable opportunities to reflect on the importance of reading for enjoyment and developing a passion for literature.
Talking about the benefits of the session, Daniel Lee, Year 8, said, “It was a very creative session and I would recommend it to a friend or a family member.” Neave Archer, also Year 8, added, “The session created thought and made pupils believe that there is more to creative writing, it makes people like myself use their minds more and have more to think about. I would highly recommend the session and will carry on with my piece of writing.”
Students at Arnold Hill, Rushcliffe and Farnborough Academies are now eagerly awaiting a range of other events which are taking place throughout the rest of this week.


Literary Festival 2016

Staff and students are looking forward to a wide range of events taking place across the academy as part of the TAG Literary Festival. The week long festival is now in its second year, and will run from Monday 11th to Friday 15th July. This wonderful poster has been created for us by Tilly Wallace in year 12.

LitFest2016 Poster

You can view and download the latest version of the timetable below.