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IQ Prints

Who We Are & What We Do:

IQ Prints is a business run by students of Arnold Hill Academy. We create Impressive Quality bespoke prints, whatever the design. Whether it’s cards or canvas, banners or business cards, our highly skilled team produce outstanding prints for both the academy, students, parents, external partners or even you! We have a wide range of products including cards, canvas, posters, pull up banners, business cards, montages, calendars and wrapping paper at competitive prices, with all profits coming back to the academy to support learning, and not to external shareholders.
IQ Prints has been running since 2007, and our current crew has been in place since October 2014.

Meet the Team


Lockie Shoebridge has been at the helm since July 2012, and oversees all aspects of the business. A current Year 10 student, he’s passionate about creating quality products.

Marketing & Sales:

Our Director of Sales and Marketing, George, joined us in July 2012. He is always on the hunt for innovative new products, and exciting ways to market the business. He’s also joined by Areeba, a multi-talented Year 9 and Oscar, the organised one, who keeps us on our toes as well as keeping the print room tidy! There’s also Angus, our friendly and approachable sales whizz, who’s got a fantastic attitude and is extremely polite and approachable.


The design team is directed by Joanne, who is also our Director of Manufacture, ensuring your prints are top quality. Currently in Year 10, Joanne is very picky and ensures our designs are top notch. She’s joined in the design team by Rees, a Year 9 who creates innovative designs, and Amy who’s full of bright ideas and is also in Year 9.


Lockie is joined on the Finance team by Aaron, a fellow Year 10, regularly seen in Beef Grinder (that’s not a butchers) and Alex, who is also our company secretary.

Price List


12x16 £22.00
16x20 £30.00


A3 Non Photographic £2.00
A3 £7.00
A2 £10.00
20"x30" £15.00
A1 £15.00
A0 £25.00
Pull up Banners £144.00

Banners (per M)

Photo Paper £20.00
Opaque Scrim £30.00


Birthday/Christmas Cards £1.99
Personalised Wrapping Paper £3.00
Card and Paper Deal £5.00

All products purchased by staff for use in school are subject to a substantial discount.
To get a quote or to find out more, visit This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.